Yearly Speech From Texas Governor, And More News

Texas Governor Greg Abbot

State of the State is an annual speech from each US state’s governor. In Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s speech, he explained his priorities for that particular legislative session. Those priorities are as follows.


  • The process of expanding broadband internet access
  • Modifications to Texas’s bail system
  • Penalizing local governments that defund the police


Those would help to ensure election integrity, as well as offer protection from civil liability for business enterprises that have long been operational in the epidemic period.


Abbott’s priorities, plus his other comments on matters which have been prime concerns for conservatives, suggest that he is considering a re-election bid next year.


A bit of speculation is there regarding whether Robert Francis O’Rourke would compete against Abbot in the 2022 election. The present state governor has admitted that that is possible.


Texas has introduced a Rent Relief Program for those inhabitants who find it difficult to pay their rental amounts during the epidemic.


Households that earn an income below a particular threshold can seek assistance from that program. Furthermore, that threshold will vary according to the county.


Around 80,000 Texas households could be entitled to get assistance through the program. The US federal government may be the source of funding, but there is still no online registration for it.


An EO (executive order) of President Joe Biden demands reviewing a program from the Donald Trump government that requires Mexico’s people who seek asylum here to wait there until their cases become processable. That EO also establishes a special task force for facilitating the migrant families that remain separated due to the former government’s policy.