Greg Abbott Discusses Relaxing COVID-19 Restrictions, Ken Paxton In Trouble

A photo of austin, texas.

On February 11, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbot laid the foundation for publicly disclosing the process of relaxing COVID-19 restrictions in the state. Abbot was speaking at a Texas press conference, where he announced he would lift the restrictions throughout Texas in the event of lower rates of hospitalization continuing, plus more residents getting vaccines.

After the Texas AG Ken Paxton terminated aides in 2020, the latter sued him. The aides claimed that a political campaign donor bribed the state attorney general. A recent court filing talks about what the whistleblowers of Paxton thought caused that alleged bribe.

A real estate property developer named Nate Paul aided the AG in remodeling his house in the Texas capital city, Austin. As for the aides, Paul gave an employment position to a person with whom the AG was allegedly in an affair.

The aides claim that he returned the favor with the AG’s office to aid the business interests of Paul, plus help the real estate person with a lawsuit.

At the US Capitol building, the Senate Finance Committee’s members criticized the AG for offering millions as raises to his office staff during budget constraints. The criticism is justifiable more because Paxton did what fell beyond the legislative power granted to him.

This week, Texas would launch a rental assistance scheme worth $1.30 billion for COVID-19-affected tenants.