Would George Prescott Bush Run Against AG Ken Paxton?

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George Prescott Bush has earlier hinted that he might compete against Texas Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton. According to journalist Patrick Svitek, the Texas Land Commissioner suggested that he might do so in April second week. During a recent AM radio talk show, Commissioner Bush criticized the AG about the ethical problems that caused trouble for him in his period in office.


As per Svitek, Bush stated that he was thinking about running for AG in some recent media appearances. After that, Svitek made the case clear against AG Paxton. The commissioner said that Texas’s law enforcement executive should be beyond reproach.


In more 2022 election-related news, Democratic Party member Mike Collier stated that he intends to rechallenge Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Collier competed for the lieutenant governor’s position three years ago.


Anyhow, Texas Governor Greg Abbot was at the heart of that week’s main political events. Besides Abbot’s spat with MLB, he issued the recent executive order excluding agencies in Texas from requiring vaccine passports.

Source: https://www.texasstandard.org/stories/george-p-bush-hints-at-run-against-attorney-general-ken-paxton/